I'm so glad your thinking about trying out for the band here at Fellowship Church. As I'm sure you can imagine, we would love to have you on our team, but first we would ask you to take part in a small audition just so we can so what it is YOU GOT!

We're looking for people that have aptitude in the following instruments:

  1. Bass Guitar
  2. Lead / Rhythm Guitar
  3. Keyboard
  4. Vocalist
  5. Drummer

ATTENTION: if the instrument you play is not on this list DON'T WORRY we still want to hear your sensuous sounds. Just email Marcel at marcel@fellowshipchurchct.com and he would love to give you a more fitting audition piece. After all, nobody wants to hear "Amazing Grace" on the harmonica.


The way that it works is simple. Below, you will find four (4) different songs complete with chord charts and mp3s. (super pro right?!?) We want you to pick Two (2) of those songs that you think you can ROCK OUT TO the hardest. DONE FORGET TO SIGN UP BELOW! Come prepared with your best attitude, those two songs, and your very best "KISS" costume (optional!) and we will be all ears.


TLDR: there are four (4) songs below, pick two (2) that you want to play for your audition, sign the form on the bottom of the page, and practice practice practice.

Name: *