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Join us on Thursdays in June...

     for a “front row seat” into the lives of the first church as we dive into the Book of Acts and beyond.  Together we’ll learn how the church began, lives that we’re changed through it, and it’s intended purpose. Practically, we’ll discover best practices of community, prayer and other spiritual disciplines.  

It’ll be an inspirational time as we discover how the church is the catalyst for hope and that it’s best days are still ahead.  

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Thursday Evenings



Join us on Monday's starting in June... 

     for this 3 week workshop on finances. From budgeting planning, to tackling debt, to even relationships and money, learn from Jeremy Edmonds. This expert personal financial wellness coach from StrengthInNumbers,will be teaching on what God's Word says as well as some helpful ways to get into better financial shape. 


[$75 Early Bird Special]

Monday Evenings



Join us on Monday's starting in June...


Seeds of Hope: Depression, Anxiety and Other Mental Health Issues through the lens of faith.


We all know someone who suffers with depression, anxiety or other mental health issue. These mental health issues can negatively impact a person’s quality of life.  Unresolved mental health issues can destroy a person’s self-worth and can damage their relationship with family, friends, co-workers and even God.  We will host a series of discussions that will help you identify these complex issues and will help you discern an action plan for treatment or management of symptoms.  We will learn how to utilize self-care, prayer and support effectively as the mental health issue is managed.   Good mental health is essential to physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.  Come learn how to be an instrument of healing to yourself and to others in this special workshop regarding topics like anxiety, depression and grief. Whether it's you or even a family member of friend coping with these, sign up to hear from Clinical Social Worker/ Therapist Shelly Polo from Seeds of Hope


Monday Evenings


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