An Invite to all my Facebook friends

When I changed careers almost 4 years ago going from the fitness industry to working at a church, I got to somewhat share my journey on Social Media and through speaking at my church. I have been extremely blessed to get to know many people in my 20+ years of working in the health clubs. In developing these relationships, I was given incredible grace from so many who, instead of thinking he's lost his mind and has joined a cult, asked questions about the career change and genuinely cared to listen.

The incredible advantage I have in these relationships built with many of you (my Social Media friends) is that many of you know my heart and my sincerity. So I write this in hopes that:

  1. You're still reading
  2. You read with an open mind 

Some of you think the church is completely screwed up. Some of you were so hurt by people in the church that you'll never return. Some of you, quite frankly, feel as though you're doing great without it. My invitation is that this Christmas, you take a chance, and attend a service. This is not about me or my church, Fellowship (although I'd love to see you here!). This is about finding a church that, when you leave, you've learned something and you are different. A church where, although we're all messed up, there is an intentionality to be better. A church where EVERYONE IS WELCOME, not just those who think they have it all together. A church where you can learn about why Christmas is such a big deal. 

That's my ask. That's my invite. No, I will not "Create an Event" on Facebook and ask for an RSVP. I will leave it here in hopes that you will take me up on this invite. I truly hope all of you have the best Christmas ever. I pray for peace and hope this upcoming year and that 2017 will be full of blessings.