Growth Groups

I signed up for a small group at Fellowship Church for the first time back in 2000. I knew NOTHING about the Bible. I barely knew anyone from the church. 

I certainly had my assumptions. I felt as though everyone knew the Bible and knew each other. I thought I would be called upon to answer a question. I didn't think there would be any laughing. I was wrong on all counts.

I ended up meeting some great people (most of which I still do life with today!) and I ended up learning more about God's Word on my level. I've been a part ever since. I love meeting new people and I love seeing them take initiative in their pursuit of Jesus Christ. At times, this can be an uncomfortable step in their journey but I believe it can really change their life. 

Sunday's are great here at FC but what if we took it to another level and signed up to one of our many 6 week Growth Groups that start up on the week of May 15th. You can check out our Growth Group menu here. You can sign up here.