Coaching Or Critiquing?

coach vs critic.png

Tough topic on Sunday! To judge or not to judge. We've all had those moments where we felt judged or when we did the judging. We learned on Sunday that it takes a relationship. It takes permission to be given. We all need people around us that have that permission to let us know, IN A LOVING WAY, our shortcomings and when we need to address things in our life. This is not easy but very necessary. How else would we grow? We talked about being a coach versus being a critic. (credit NewSpring CC)

A coach has a relationship. A critic hardly knows you

A coach corrects out of love. A critic corrects out of pride.

A coach has earned respect. A critic hasn't

A coach assumes the best. A critic assumes the worst

A coach loves you through a disagreement.A critic shows contempt.

Here's the thing: You don't judge people into life change. You love them into life change.

Our 2 points on Sunday:

Judge YOURSELF first

We should make wise judgements about FELLOW BELIEVERS

Check out these verses:

Matthew 7:1-6

John 13:34-35

1 Corinthians 5:12

Give permission to someone in your life today!