We're Adding Another Service!

Fellowship Church exists to help people encounter Jesus, encourage each other to be more like Him and engage with Him in everyday life. We believe that when you begin a personal relationship with Jesus, He has the capacity to change your life. Everything begins with and is all about a growing relationship with Jesus.

As a church, in order to reach people we’ve never reached we need to do things we’ve never done. That’s why I’m excited to announce that beginning Sunday, October 2nd at 5 pm, we’ll be launching a third weekly identical service.  Why an evening service at 5 pm? 

  • 25% of America’s workforce are shift workers.  Many work on the weekends (healthcare, hospitality, first responders, etc.).  These wonderful people simply cannot attend church on Sunday Mornings.
  • Jesus always met people where they are.  Some people will never attend Sunday morning because it’s their only day to sleep in.   Due to busy lives, the people we are trying to reach are looking for options that fit their schedule.  Think TV watching and Netflix and DVR versus traditional television scheduled shows and news.
  • We need to create space in our auditorium & especially our parking lots, which are full. Due to the size of our campus, every time we hit the thresholdof around 225-240 people per service, we become full.  This year, we have averaged around 450 plus for our combined two services.  It’s time to add another service.

I’m so proud of our church.  Fellowship Church is growing because FCers are growing. We’re making decisions to put Christ first in all areas of our lives.  We’re forgiving those who have hurt us and learning to love each person in our lives.  Growing churches require growing people.  

Growing churches also require unselfish people. We grow spiritually by the commitments we make.  This is why I’m asking everyone to consider helping our church make this important step. 

First, we need 100% of our church serving in some capacity.  This is an “all hands on deck” situation.  Up until now, it may seem that there’s no need for you to join a team.  You attend a weekend service and are greeted by friendly people.  You drop your kids off to wonderful kids ministry team members.  You sing songs led by a great band and singers.  This growth opportunity changes everything.  We need help in all of our serving teams, both on Sunday and during the week.  If you’d like help in joining a serving team, you can begin by clicking on this link here.

Secondly, we are looking for 100 people move to the 5 pm service and commit to faithfully attend this service for one year.  You will be serving our mission by making room for new people in the morning services and helping create a critical mass to launch our evening service. 

I know you’ll answer the call!  Many have already started.  I can’t wait to see what God is going to do!  Get excited!