Are Bald People Allowed in Church?

It's an interesting question, but not a real one. Clearly, bald people are allowed at Fellowship Church. In fact, and my whole point here, is that EVERYONE is allowed here at FC. We are often asked these questions. "Can I wear shorts?" "Do you allow divorced people here?" or "My life's a mess, am I welcome there?" To all those questions, we answer YES. The reason we answer yes is because the One we follow Jesus Christ, would have said yes. Jesus welcomed everyone. Bald or hairy, shorts or pants, divorced or married, tax collectors, prostitutes, etc. You did't have to "clean up your act" to be introduced to Him but upon knowing Him, you'd want to! He changes lives. I've seen it all around me. 

As Christians, true followers of Jesus, let's not get in the way. No legalism, no judgement, just plain LOVE. Love people enough for them to know the love Jesus provides. He will change everything!

Easter is coming! What a great opportunity to invite all of the above, even the bald people!