Can Social Media sway your feelings about someone? Pretty most of you all answered yes.

It's natural to be more gutsy in posting something than actually saying it. I know the last election really got some people fired up. I check Social Media daily because of interest but also because of my job. I do a lot of our Social Media stuff for Fellowship Church. Like us on Facebook! Sorry...habit. 

My family and I just got back from a vacation to Washington D.C. and Virginia Beach. I posted many pics on Facebook. My wife Vicki pointed out the risk of "overexposure". She said "people are gonna get a little tired of seeing the Pancoasts." I understood that. I also have a different opinion of Social Media than most. I see more of the good than the bad. I love the fact that these memories are saved. I see the advantages:

  • I get to keep up with family and friends who are no longer local. 
  • I see friends of mine celebrating birthdays, anniversaries and other events.
  • I can, in a sensitive way, share my faith without "shoving it down someone's throat".
  • I can learn from others with inspiration they share.
  • I see my friends children growing up. 

I was watching last week's message from Pastor Andy regarding protecting your soul. I've learned from so many how often Facebook would start their day in a bad way. Something someone posted would irk them. As a believer (Christian) I truly believe the best way to start my day is reading God's Word. Christine Caine once said to Christians, "Get off Facebook, and put your face in the Book." The message Pastor Andy shared also dove into the fact that Facebook is, for the most part, a "highlight reel". I decided not to post pics of the one day I woke up cranky and was short with my kids, or the time my daughter Sadie did not want to walk around D.C. anymore, or the time my son Bennett left his backpack in a restaurant.....my wife really didn't have any bad moments, but when she does, I will be ready with my camera. 

I always think of what this Social Media thing can be if we all purposely and intentionally try to better others and try our best to start their day off right. (if you have nothing nice to say, don't say it at all). 

What can you say or share today that may just help someone change their whole day?