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Did you ever think your life would end up where it did? Did you ever think that things would get harder and not easier? Do you ever feel like life owes you an easier time? I never signed up for this. This was not how life as a Christian was supposed to be. Every thing was supposed to be unicorns and roses. After all I am now a child of the Most High God and I am supposed to have an easier and better life. Ever have those thoughts? You are definitely not alone.

My life has not worked out the way I would have foreseen but then again God is in control and it all works out the way He feels it is best. It is not always easy to accept that fact but if during this time you can sit back and reflect on everything that has occurred you can see what God has done for you. The key is to really look deep and see the changes that have taken place. This is not a surface reflection!

I have been in a major, and I do mean major, detour in my journey of life. When Pastor Andy talked of the scenic route, I don't think he included the path through the barren desert. But sometimes God needs you to walk where few others will to teach you what He is made of and how He will help you. I believe He wants you to really know that He is there for you no matter what you are going through.

Learned I have! Love for God and Christ above all others has been the first and foremost lesson. I have had to lean on Him for all things for there are times when other brothers and sisters cannot help me and when only He can. He has been there every minute, through every heartache, financial pressure , emotional state of mind. You name it and He has been there and is still. "Be still and know that I am with you." Psalms 46:10

During those times when it all seems waaaayyyy more than I can handle I recall to mind my favorite saying. I have given a new definition to a popular saying that perhaps you may have never thought about.   Put up or shut up.  I have learned that if I truly believe that Christ is the real answer in my life then I need to put up my faith as a testament to what God can truly do and believe that He will help me or else I need to shut up about my faith. If I falter and lack faith that God will help me then how can I possibly expect Him to!!!

I have often asked, why can I not have the faith of the men of old. Faith like that of Abraham, Noah, Daniel, Joshua, Moses. What stops me from having that kind of faith? And that is a rhetorical question my friends, because the only person stopping me from developing that kind of faith is myself. I just heard this today and I absolutely love this. "We have as much of God as we actually want" A.W.Tozer   I do not want to limit Him in my life in any way. I need Him more than you can possibly know.

There are days I wonder if things will ever get better and there are days where I get tired of battling. But then there are days when I feel that things will turn out ok, days when I can handle the battle because I know He Is with me. My faith is still not where I wish it to be but it is increasing day by day. I keep my nose in His word every day and my prayer time has increased more than all other aspects of my journey; except the love that has grown in my heart for my Father and His Son.

I have been on a detour and though the scenery has not been pleasant I have been able to learn more and more how to rely on my God. I have learned to strengthen my faith, how to pray even more, how to love Him ever deeper. This is the road that has made it easier for me to firmly believe that I am a child of the most high God. He is with me and my hope is that you too experience this feeling even during your most trying times!