Changing Priorities


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Most people realize addiction comes in many forms such as overindulgence in alcohol or drugs, gambling, or porn. However, addiction can also come from activities that start out as a hobby. Things that at first are something to take your mind off the busyness of this world. A routine pastime that builds and consumes not just your time but your thoughts. Some examples are an obsession with your job, sports, binge watching, or social media. Chances are you may have had an addiction and did not even notice it unless stated by a loved one or close friend. Past and present relationships can be damaged by taking the "me" time to satisfy our addictions.  

There are many different help groups for many different addictions but as children of Christ we know our strength is not just our own. We need to put God first right in front of our steps and walk the straight path. We need to find scripture powerful to our current state so that we can "be still" (Psalm 46:10), know that "the Lord is my strength" (Exodus 15:12), and understand "anything is possible if a person believes" (Mark 9:23). 

Anyone who has seen me around the church in a t-shirt will notice me by my pjs, what i refer to as my pre-Jesus tattoos. I have gone through many addictions to fill holes in my life mentally and spiritually. They have never worked and I have driven away many relationships to continue those actions. Recently I gave up and put my life into God and from that feel like I am for the first time starting to succeed. I am not motivated to get worldly tasks done in such a manner that I forget about others and now delight in spending time in discussions with chance encounters I was never open to before. I am at peace and accomplish so much more while taking the focus off myself. Instead I try to spread joy to those in my life.

My priority each day is moving closer to the word through reading scriptures. I wake each morning with a prayer of thanksgiving and to focus my mind and heart in the direction Jesus would go. I get ready and take a morning walk while only using my phone to read devotionals and scripture from a bible app. I use Youversion and welcome anyone to create an account, become friends, and create a plan to share in the discussion. My radio is set to K-LOVE and at work I stream pastor podcasts. I try to devote time to reading published works that will bring me closer to knowing more about God each day. I am much more into serving others and helping in ways that I am capable. 

My prayer through this short blog is that the Holy Spirit will stir inside you pushing you to follow the Word more closely. I pray you break the addictions that are consuming your life. I pray for you all because I love you all but Jesus loves you even more. Please if you know anyone who is struggling reach out to them lovingly as a true friend. "a triple-braided cord is not easily broken" (Ecclesiastes 4:12). Find your strength in Christ and he will be that third sturdy braid. Thank you for taking a few moments to read these words.