Flip Flops

Flip Flops.JPG

Sunday I shared a message about the importance of serving called, Flip Flops.  My desire was to convey that we as followers of Jesus were saved to serve.  That in order to live and love like Jesus, we need to engage in serving. 

I’m so thrilled at the response of so many at Fellowship who decided to take a step in service!  I know that your lives will be different because you did.

One of the the mindsets we battle most when it comes to stepping into service is our own feeling of inadequacy.  Can I really make a difference?  After all, we deeply know our weaknesses and shortcomings better than anyone.  We can see others who appear more talented and outgoing stepping up, but maybe not ourselves.  

What if God wants to shape your significance through your service? I want to encourage you to trust God to step into service here at Fellowship.  God knows and understands your potential more than you do.  He loves you and believes in you and has placed you in this local church for a reason.  

So if you don’t trust yourself, trust God and see where He can take you. How He wants to write your story, and uncover gifts and talents you never knew you had.  

You can do this!  Check out the opportunities we have HERE and join the team today! We also have many opportunities to serve at our LAST BLAST. You can click HERE to sign up that.