Church Brag


Is bragging on your church a lack of humility?

I am so proud of my church family. I do not, for one second, take it for granted that we have a church full of pretty spectacular people. We, as a staff, feel extremely blessed.

In the last several weeks we have had quite a bit of heartbreak and trials. We had a family lose their daughter, a family lose their home to a fire, a few families going through a horrendous season of unanswered questions and anxious thoughts, and plenty of spiritual attacks. But let me tell you about their response. I have never been more inspired by a bunch of people than I have in this season.

Losing a daughter is unimaginable but the perspective of a God-fearing, Christ-loving family changes everything. In our conversations, I have seen their clarity of God at work. They have seen some of it but know they haven’t seen most of it. Their daughter has impacted more people in her short time here on earth than many of us ever will. They see that. They see the evidence and it is inspiring so many others.

Losing a home overnight to a house fire is a nightmare come true. It was upon reaching out to this special family that we saw God doing things that only He can. One day I believe they will share all of it. In fact, I believe some of it will come out during the leadership at our Women’s event called Born to Lead coming up next week! I certainly don’t want to give the story any injustice so I will let her share.

Being a believer with anxiety and stress doesn’t seem possible. It’s almost an oxymoron. Anxious Christian!?!?I thought if we truly believed and lived out our faith, we wouldn’t have anything to worry about. I wish. We are humans. Our lives (especially today) are chaotic. Everything is grabbing at us. The world is trying to convince us of what’s important and we (I know me) fall for it every time. We cannot control our mind all the time. There are studies that show things going on in our brain that we cannot control. I know that on a dime, everything can change. I’ve seen it in my life where out of nowhere, I feel anxious and overwhelmed. I do not attest this to a lack of faith. But what I see here is people pushing through, being here on Sundays, reaching out to other believers, surrounding themselves with people who love and care for them, avoiding isolation…..all of this, not easy.

I thank God today for all of these people around me that have inspired me more than they’ll ever know. I thank these people for living for Him even when it feels as though He’s not paying attention. I thank these people for their clear faith knowing that in the end, it’ll all make sense. Lives are being changed. People are accepting Jesus into their heart. People are fighting battles and not giving in. Leaning in instead of fleeing. Living out their faith daily and showing others who Jesus is by their actions.

I’m inspired and forever grateful that God has sent these special people into my life. I forever different because of them.