Pride Does In Fact Come Before the Fall


Humility is a funny thing. It’s been said that if you won a medal for your humility, once you wear the medal, it would have to be taken off.

It is very easy to spot pride, not as easy with humility.

Pride comes with a spotlight, humility a flashlight.

Pride says it’s all about me, myself and I. Humility is always about others.

Prideful people lessen their circle of friends throughout the years. Humble ones enlarge theirs.

Pride repels. Humility attracts.

Pride comes with no self awareness. Humility is full awareness.

Pride doesn’t listen. Humility leans in.

Pride states opinions. Humility listens to them.

Pride answers every question and shares extra information. Humility knows not every question during every conversation needs to be answered. A true genius admits that he/she knows nothing.” ― Albert Einstein

I come from a history of pride…..I still fight it today. I think many men do. I remember the humble brags. The pleas for compliments. “I’m not good at that…” I look back and cringe at how easily swayed my pride was. A girl would like me and I made sure all my friends knew it. I did well at a sport and I’d talk about it forever. “How much do I bench?” Glad you asked…..

I’m so thankful for my faith. I follow the ultimate example of humility, Jesus Christ. When given all authority over heaven and earth in John 13, Jesus washes the disciples feet. If I’m given authority over heaven and earth, someone is washing my feet and even massaging them!

When Jesus knew what He would have to go through with being crucified (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John), no one around Him would have even known. During that long walk carrying a cross, He never stated what He was about to do for you and me. He just did what He was called to do. I cannot imagine myself going through this quietly. “Yes, you’re all gonna be thanking me daily for what’s about to go down. I’m dying for all of you….you owe me big time!”

When Jesus was constantly questioned, insulted and mocked, He never self promoted, never did what we all would’ve done, He never retaliated. Dealing with Pharisees and other religious leaders, He stayed humble.

It was so much easier many years ago staying humble without Social Media. We did not see the ‘humble brags’ daily. We didn’t have everyone’s ‘highlight reel’ on a constant feed.

As a Christian, our main focus should always be pointing people to Jesus. Our actions, interactions, work ethic, demeanor, and humility should always point people to the reason we are….Jesus.

How are you doing with humility. If you say ‘fine’, you may be struggling.

Be Still

GUEST BLOGGER: Vicki Pancoast

Be Still.JPG

How do we find God’s peace? Life is so very busy. We are constantly on the go. I love what Pastor Andy did during a recent sermon. He showed us all how to shut off our phones. Yes! We are in a fast-paced world and we are constantly surrounded by noise. Social media noise, political noise, worldly noise. We all want to feel that peace that comes from God. But how do we find it when we are being pulled in so many different directions? Psalm 46:10 says, “Be still, and know that I am God.” How many of us really take time out of our busy week to actually BE STILL before God?  

When we are unsure or overwhelmed by our lives, when our specific path in life is unclear, we won’t find that peace until we look to God. We need to stop looking to the world. We tend to talk and talk about our situation with others. We will complain that we are way too busy. We will complain that we are afraid of what the future will bring. We will say we don’t have time to pray or read the Bible because we are just that busy. But, if we really want the peace that only Christ can deliver, we need to prioritize and slow down. 

I recently read a wonderful quote from Christian speaker and author Beth Moore. She was speaking of God’s peace and she said it so eloquently; “A sense of peace will virtually always accompany His will and direction, a lack of peace will often accompany a mistaken path.” We can’t hear from Him if we aren’t looking to Him. So, let’s shut off the radio, shut down the social media app, maybe even turn off the phone. Find a place to enjoy the quiet. Take a moment (or more if you can!) to truly slow down and be still. Be still before your God and watch what He can do. 


icy walk.JPG

As I left for work this morning I noticed the neighbors across the street still had an icy walkway. Mine has melted nicely. My house gets more sunlight. Although a small thing, I was thankful.

Today my heat works. Although it works pretty consistently, I am thankful.

It’s near March and we haven’t really gotten beat up with snow yet. (I know, I shouldn’t say anything!) So thankful.

For so many years I have heard great men and women encourage people to be grateful, to journal all your blessings and to appreciate the small things. It’s fascinating all we take for granted (especially here in America!).

I read this great quote from Charles Spurgeon, a preacher from back in the 1800’s. He said, “It is not how much we have but how much we enjoy that makes happiness.” So true. I enjoy not chopping ice on my driveway. I enjoy sitting in my heated house. I enjoy no snow.

I believe the awareness of all we have shapes us much better than seeing all we don’t have. If you feed your child ice cream every day for a month and neglect to give them any after, you’ll hear it from them. If you never gave your child ice cream (I am not suggesting this, just making point), they will never complain about not having it. When we get all we want, we want more. There’s a lot to be said about ‘too much too soon’.

I remember the first time Vicki and I stayed at a nicer hotel…’s now hard to go back to the less nicer ones. I wouldn’t have missed it if I never had it. But I did, and I don’t know how I will ever spend a night at the “Dew Drop Inn” ever again.

God has promised to supply all our needs. What we don’t have we don’t need now.” Elizabeth Elliot, Christian Author and Speaker

It feels as though our needs and wants have been confused as of late. I remember when iPhones, cable television, video games and coffee makers were wants……doesn’t feel like that today.

wants vs needs.JPG

Always be joyful. Never stop praying. Be thankful in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you who belong to Christ Jesus. 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

Perspective starts with you. Be grateful today.