"Difference Makers", here at Fellowship Church, are the people that keep this place running. It is those special people that give their time and talents to further God's plan for this place and their lives.

Check out the various teams of Difference Makers by clicking on one of the areas to the right, and, if your at al interested, please fill out the form to get some more information. we would love to have you. 

Host Team

Coffee Bar

     The Fellowship Church Coffee Bar Team is an amazing opportunity for the those of you who love to serve people with a smile. There is a set up team as well as a cleanup team. This team will attend our Host Team huddle a half hour before service to go over any needed details regarding the day. This serving area is one of the first places we point people to. Our coffee and snacks are free and so is the hospitality. 



Parking Team

Parking Team This team shows up 30 minutes before service and will attend the Host Team huddle. Parking Team has net jackets to wear to communicate their role. Each person on this parking team will greet guests by smiling and attempting to genuinely connect with them through their windshield. Clearly direct guests to available spots or into the building. Please refrain from using your phone while serving.

Host Team

    Our Host Team Greeters usually serve 1-2 Sundays a month. We show up a half hour for our Host Team Huddle. Each greeter is placed at a door to welcome people. Those of you at the Auditorium Doors will hand out Media guides on the way in then hold a basket to receive Connection Cards on the way out. The Those of you at the Front Door or Downstairs Door will open the door for each guest and welcome them. They will direct those who need assistance as well. Each time you serve, you will receive a Volunteer Request to accept via email.


Usher Team

     This team shows up 30 minutes before the service they will usher at. They will attend the Host Team Huddle to go over any last minute details of the service. Each usher will connect with the Head usher and be assigned a particular area to seat people and then collect the offering.


Worship & Arts Team



FC Worship team

The FC Worship Team meets for Rehearsal Tuesday nights and prepares to lead worship on Sunday mornings. If you play any instrument or sing we would love to have you. We have a small audition that everyone on the team has taken part in, but please don't let that deter you. The Worship team works at a very fast pace and I am sure you would enjoy it.

LP Tech Team

  The LP Tech Team meets for Sunday afternoon rehearsals and Wednesday’s Living proof night. We have a Media Team, Sound, and a lighting Teams. These Teams work closely with our production manager for our Youth services. There is always a live Band and message on LP nights. Experience is welcome but, Training is available if needed.

 *Background check is required if you are out of High School. *

Fc stage team

The FC Stage Team is a big part of our Sunday services. This team serves by moving The Pastors table and TV into position. This Team also moves props for skits, band gear, and props for the Message. This very important ministry helps everything to run smoothly and works closely with our production manager. Training is available.

FC Sound Team

The FC Sound Team meets for Tuesday rehearsal and for Sunday “Sound check” and Services.

Experience is welcome but if you would like to learn we will help train and resource you. The sound Team works together at a fast pace and I am sure that you would enjoy it.

Children's Ministry


Serving Mom's

 Mastering Motherhood is an outreach to support moms in our local community.Our biggest serving opportunity is to love on their children while they attend Mastering Motherhood. Every Thursday during the fall and spring semester we have an opportunity for you to show love to these kids. Come from 9:15 – 12:00. Play, cuddle and just have fun. We’ve all had a mom and we know how hard they worked to make our lives what they are today. Now is our chance to help make an eternal difference in the life of a mom.

Serving Kidz

  FC Kidz is a place where kids experience Jesus at their own level. Our goals are: to be welcoming, for safety, creative Bible teaching, building relationships and FUN! Most of our volunteers serve once or twice a month during 1 service, (though we have a couple that serve weekly and really work on building relationships), this allows you to “attend one and serve one.” We have volunteers who teach, some help and others play! There is really something for everyone…. And who doesn’t like to have a little FUN on Sunday mornings while teaching a child that Jesus LOVES them?!


Tech Team


Media Team

The Fellowship Church Media Team is an exciting opportunity for Type-A personality people to get connected at Fellowship. The responsibilities of the Media Team include utilizing the IMac in the media booth at the back of the auditorium to display the various visual effects and videos that we use every Sunday morning. The job has a bit of a learning curve but is very rewarding in the tight-knit community of the people that operate in the team.


Lights Team

The Fellowship Church Lights Team is an amazing opportunity for the more creative type of person. Half in stage design, and half in simple programming; it operates on a very niche’ balance. The people on the lights team are passionate about what they do and are always looking for opportunities to make the system better. While the job does take a little while to learn, we can guarantee it is an amazing opportunity to get hands on with some state of the art technology, and make some great connections with other people on the team.


Graphic Design Team

God has blessed Fellowship Church with so much that we want to be able to share his vision with as many people as possible. As things stand right now, Fellowship is in dire need of one or two individuals who can assist with some small amount of graphic design work. The work in this area is extremely varied, and sadly, we cannot help very much in terms of training. However, if you have previous training in this and it is your passion to create things like Series Graphics, Marketing Materials, Booklet infographics, and general art we would love to get in touch with you.


Facilities Team

We Love out building and campus here at Fellowship. It really is like the house to the home that our community creates. However, like any house, it requires constant upkeep and occasional projects to keep it moving and up to date. This is where the Facilities team comes into play. This team is great for those that have a passion for work and seeing projects completed from start to finish.


Maintenance Team

The Maintenance Team is perfect for those of us with amazing talents and gifts. This team is great for the Carpenters, HVAC specialists, contractors, plumbers, painters, and basically anyone who is abel bodied and willing to lend a hand during projects. 


Cleaning Team

The Cleaning Team is a vital part of our church. Our building is big. We have so many areas that need attention. Our cleaning team meets throughout the week at their convenience in order to prep our place for Sundays and for some of the Growth Groups that take place on campus.


Student Ministries



Living Proof

Living Proof at Fellowship Church is a ministry that carries with it the expectation and passion for mentoring, befriending, and caring for middle school and high school students.  As leaders in this environment, we strive to be living proof for students with what it means to love God, love people, and serve the world. Whether you are sporty, a gamer, musical, artsy or just love to talk, the interests and skills that we have are great tools we use to connect with students. While serving in Living Proof, you are expected to attend our weekly services on Wednesday nights from 6:00pm-8:30pm. As leaders we are the first to arrive, and the last to leave. Every Wednesday before we start leaders are expected to arrive at 5:45 to take part in our leaders meeting where we go over details of the night and pray for the students and each other. Within Living Proof are various responsibilities and specific roles leaders have to make this night a well oiled machine. These areas include game directors, greeters, cleaning crew, lock-up, worship and media team, snack bar, etc…With these roles we are tasked with the duty of getting students to serve with us in these areas as well. If you're doing it alone, you’re doing it wrong. Lastly, the greatest responsibility is one which applies to all leaders, and that is to love and include every student that walks through the doors of Living Proof.



     Momentum at Fellowship church is a service and ministry for 6th to 8th grade students on Sunday's during the 10:30am service. While serving in Momentum we engage with games, inspiring music, and relevant teaching. The biggest expectation for leaders in this environment is to simply have fun and to be involved with what the students are doing. Moreover, within Momentum there are opportunities to be involved in the media team, to lead worship on stage, to run games, and to even teach if you have the passion to do so. Our main mission is to make church fun and create an environment where students can encounter Jesus at their level.