The first step in getting connected

     Starting Point is a casual, no pressure 20 minute environment where you can learn more about Fellowship Church and discover your next steps. Our next Starting Point will coming soon! 


Circles are better than rows

Groups are integral to all that we do at Fellowship Church. As our church grows larger on Sunday, we   grow smaller during the week. Groups are a great way to meet new friends, grow in your relationship with God, and make a difference.  FC’s Growth Groups typically consist of 7-15 people who meet in convenient locations all across Central Connecticut to help you in your journey.                       



It's not about me

We believe that serving is not only an appropriate response to God, but also an avenue to encounter Him and experience spiritual growth. If the next step in your journey involves serving, we want to help you find a place where your God-given gifts can be used to fulfill your purpose and help you become the fully devoted follower God desires.


Go public with your faith


The Bible teaches that baptism is the first step of obedience after making a commitment to Christ. Baptism allows a believer to communicate to the world their heart-felt commitment to Christ. People often have questions regarding baptism: 

If you have any questions regarding baptism check out our FAQ page


Team Link is a 60-minute event where you can learn about serving at Fellowship Church , talk to leaders and get more information about specific teams, and engage in serving on a team. TeamLink will be on Sunday September 8th at 12:00PM (after 2nd service) By attending TeamLink, you're not committing to anything. You're simply taking the next step. If you don't find a good fit for you, no problem. There's no pressure. But we're pretty confident you'll find something that fits your passions, skills, and capacity. You can sign up HERE to attend.

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