Growth Groups are easily one of our favorite things about Fellowship. Here at Fellowship we are all about finding a community of people that love you and meet you where you are at, but will also encourage you and constantly help you become the person God wants you to be. Growth Groups are a great way to meet other people like you, and to really begin investing in yourself and the people around you.

     We know it can be a little unnerving signing up for your first one but we think the benefits are life-changing!

     Just give us a little bit of your info and we would be glad to get in touch with you. Can't wait to see you!


These SIX-week groups start the week of MAY 1st. 

We have so many groups meeting this semester.

Women's, Men's, Co-ed, Teens & Couple's.



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  learn what it means to have a bold, unshakable faith that gives you the courage to impact the world around you


This semester every group will be exploring what it means to grow like we've never grown before. We are challenging ourselves as a church to bring this community to know the hope of Jesus Christ. We want to make a difference. It starts with you. Make a commitment to one of these groups for 6 weeks and watch what God does! 

All groups meet for one hour. Some include food. Some include childcare. All questions regarding these groups can be emailed to

GROUP OPTIONS (times and locations) (H) Home Groups (FC) Church Groups


Women's Group   1:00 PM Cindy Schulte/Judy Petrulis  FC 

Couple's Group    6:30 PM Matt/Stephanie Sykes          FC

Coed Group         6:30 PM Janet Gentle                        FC

Coed Group         6:45 PM Marcel/Lesa Farrington         H  Middletown


Women's Group     1:00 PM Tracy Wickwire                    H  Durham

Coed Group         6:00 PM Bill Wilson/Vinnie Marotta    FC

Coed Group         6:00 PM Andrew/Cindy Harrison         H Middletown Food included

Women's Group    7:00 PM Katie Jacobs                         FC

Men's Group         7:00 PM Ben Eiss/Kevin Wilhelm         H  Middletown

Teen Group          6:00 PM Ross/Belle Vernault              H Middletown


Coed Group          8:00 AM Claudia Rovelli                     FC

Women's Group    10:00 AM Lara Santamaria/Kathryn Batzner FC *Free Childcare

Coed Group          6:30 PM Rich and Vicki Pancoast        H Middletown

Women's Group     7:00 PM Julia Nelson                         H Middletown


Men's Group         6:30 PM Richard Nason                       FC

Women's Group    6:30 PM Laura Wilson/Deb Howley      FC

Coed Group          6:30 PM Arnold/Stacy Ewings              H Colchester *Free Childcare

Coed Group          6:30PM John/Michele Vigneri             H Haddam

Coed Group          7:00PM Rodney/Cheryl Pelletier         H Cromwell


Men's Group        6:45 AM Patrick Ringer/Anthony Jenkins  FC

Women's Group   10:00 AM Samantha Brasile/Kayleigh Mierzejewski H Middletown

Coed Group        7:00 PM Jon/Christine Gustavson HCobalt Food included

IGNITE 18-25      6:00 PM Ben Nelson


Women's Group               3:30 PM Amy Swanson                 FC