Unicorns and Rainbows

I'm so glad Sunday is over! I had the opportunity to speak here at FC. My message "How To Affair-Proof Your Marriage" went into the topics of Adultery and Pornography. I don't know how that happened but God had His plans! 

One of the biggest "advantages" I have in speaking to this congregation is the fact that I have lived a long time "outside of these walls". In other words, I have seen what is now going on in this world. I see so many dangers. It scares me to think what our society will look like when my children are older. I want to do everything I can to tell others what we can do to help. God's Word has all the answers! 

All that said, we as a church, and followers of Jesus Christ, feel an enormous responsibility to preach God's Word with clarity, truth and grace. Sometimes we get the enormous satisfaction of seeing someone take this incredible step in their journey and sometimes we get criticized for the way we preached the message. It comes with the territory. The biggest thing we want from the audience is grace. We want them to know our heart and our intention. 

The other option would be to speak about "unicorns and rainbows" each Sunday but I'm certain that is not what God would want. No, He wants us to be relevant to today's world. He wants people inside this church to relate to what we are talking about. He wants authenticity. He wants the speaking to come from a true example of this faith. Not someone perfect (no such thing aside from Christ) He wants us to only offend with the Gospel not by our actions or words. He wants boldness without brashness. Truth with grace. AND ALL OF THIS WITH LOVE.

I'm giving it all I have. I take this really seriously. I genuinely love people and want the best out of them. I truly believe when one accepts Jesus Christ into their heart, they become a new creation. Life becomes different. I want to help them in this journey in any way I can.