The Pause Before the Post


So we elected a new president (you may have heard). Wow, I was amazed at all the reactions. Whether it was fear, joy, indifference, or despair - we all saw it. For a week of social media, we heard it all. Some of it with love but most of it without. And that's ok, unless of course, you are a believer of Jesus Christ. You see, this changes the game. Jesus Himself says in John 13:34 "Love each other. Just as I have loved you, you should love one another." We, as Christians, should know how much He loved us - He died for us! So what exactly are we doing when we post something that we know may be offensive and may drive others to respond? What is our purpose? Most of us deep down know that no matter what we put on social media it will not sway one's opinion. "I remember knowing who I was going to vote for and then I saw so-and-so's post and decided to vote for the other one" said no one ever

The pause before the post is crucial. Ask yourselves these questions before doing so: 

  • Will everyone really understand what it is I'm trying to communicate?
  • Will it encourage others?
  • Will this instigate a day full of time wasting, back and forth banter?
  • If I'm a Christian, will others see evidence of this in my post? 
  • Would this post be better as an actual conversation?
  • Who is my audience? Or, has most of my audience abandoned me based on my previous posts? 
  • Why am I posting this? Am I looking for a reaction?

I have a good friend that recently really dove into her faith. She leads a small group at our church, serves every week and genuinely loves people. She saw some of her older posts (Facebook memories) and compared it to what she posts today. She couldn't believe the difference. Christ changed what was important to her and she became an encouragement to others because of it.

I wonder what our social media pages tell others.....really. I'm working hard at trying to love as Christ loves. Since we can't see everyone face to face all of the time, sometimes our only "voice" is social media - we need to use it well.