What to Expect in a Growth Group

I remember this person talking forever about something I knew nothing about. I wondered when it would end and if we were going to get out on time. I remember when this one person would continue to "hijack" the conversations with self-promoting and sharing just how much they knew about the Bible. I remember the person who would often fall asleep during the conversations inside a group. Yes, all of this happened in a Growth Group at some stages of my life here at Fellowship Church. 

But here's some other things that happened:

  • I remember getting to know some of my very best friends today just because I signed up for a Growth Group.
  • I remember having a Growth Group at Hospice in Middlesex where my wife's step-father Bob Schulte, was spending his last days here on earth. He poured into other men and told us all what was most important. Grown men were crying but more importantly learning about what's most important, especially when the time is so limited. (note: All men's groups do not entail crying)
  • I remember when couple's made declarations of new commitments to have their relationships thrive. Some today are leading Growth Groups!
  • I remember when a brand new person to our church uncomfortably signed up for her first ever group and was nurtured by 2 mature believers who took her in and answered any questions she had. They helped her grow into this incredible leader in such a short period of time. She was baptized and signed up to serve in various areas. 
  • I remember when some of our current Growth Group leaders were just attending but now they see the dividends and want others to receive the blessings! 

Growth Groups are not perfect because, frankly, we're not. Our goal in these groups is for people, no matter where they are on their journey, to feel comfortable enough to ask questions and be open-minded enough to learn each week. Sometimes the most uncomfortable steps we take in our faith produce the most incredible results.

What if today is the day you take that uncomfortable step in your journey and get together with others in hopes of strengthening your faith and your friendships? I cannot guarantee a perfect bunch of people in your group but I can guarantee a perfect God to follow in your attempt to be all He wanted you to be. Take a chance. Sign up here.