Easter Prayer Experience: Day 3

Let the Children Come to Me

-Kayleigh Mierzejewski

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While some have mainly been frequenting Fellowship’s newest building, several families are witnessing almost weekly surprises while checking in their children over at FC Kidz. That building is currently being renovated, and what a transformation it is that we get to witness! “Hey! A new door!”

“I wonder what’s behind the plastic curtain…”

“Whoa! They can just build a wall like that?!”

Children and adults alike are excited to see our kids’ areas take on a new shape…

which to me fits perfectly with the season we’re in.

Lent. Easter. Spring. These bring a sense of freshness, renewal, a time of growth. I love getting to see this happening right now in our church, particularly in FC Kidz. Over the past several weeks, we’ve seen record numbers of kids attending our Sunday services, peaking at 35 in Kidz Club! In one service! High fives to those awesome volunteers who served that Sunday! It is amazing to see God at work as He grows our church community! Even while we are still in progress to make our building’s appearance look its best, God continues to use our imperfect, in-progress circumstances for His perfect plan.

I love a metaphor with layers, don’t you?

See, on the surface, this freshness, renewal, and growth can be seen tangibly in the added steel beams, plaster, and altered layout of our kids’ rooms. To see God using FC Kidz volunteers, environments, and experiences to make a difference in the future of our church is even more incredible. Every week, there are dozens of volunteers dedicating their time and energy to compassionately serving the children of our church on Sundays.

From snuggling infants to teaching school children.

From story-time with preschoolers to playtime with toddlers.

Our volunteers create a place where children receive Jesus’ love, learn about His incredible promises, and are supported to make lasting connections within our church. Our FC Kidz volunteers have an opportunity every Sunday to open growing minds and hearts to Christ, and it brings me such joy to think of how this pleases Him.

Jesus said, ‘Let the children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.
— Matthew 9:14 NIV

As children get to know Christ on their level, life change is happening!

They get excited about coming to church each week! They learn about what a relationship with Christ means and say “Yes!” to Him! They choose to be baptized! They earnestly invite their friends to church, Living Proof, and Vacation Bible Camp, sharing and spreading the Good News! When they’re teens, many serve in our kids’ environments so that they can be difference makers for the next generation! They’re already on mission with moving up and to the right, not only personally but as an active participant in Fellowship Church’s story.

| In my role as Nursery Coordinator… |

I have the awesome opportunity to see how volunteers’ lives are changed through their selfless service. Their own pursuit of Christ deepens as they encourage children to pursue Him. Their own Biblical knowledge expands as they teach the Bible to kids on their level. They network and form friendships with other FC’ers who they may not have met otherwise. They take time off from work to volunteer at VBC because they so value the relationships and spiritual growth that they get to be a part of through serving opportunities.

  • Every person matters to Christ, no matter how small.

  • Every role is important to Christ, whether it’s changing a diaper or leading a Bible skit.

  • Every Sunday in FC Kidz matters not only to the future and longevity of our church…

…but MORE importantly, to God’s kingdom.

I feel incredibly blessed as an FC Kidz volunteer to get to be a part of this.

Please join me in praying for FC Kidz this week. I want to invite you to pray with me on three levels:

  • Pray for the children attending FC. Father God, thank you for bringing so many children through Fellowship’s doors - it is so exciting to see your church continue to grow! We pray that as they experience Jesus on their level, they leave church on Sunday feeling loved, encouraged, and inspired to make a difference in the world in Your name.

  • Pray for the FC Kidz volunteers. Lord, thank you for the compassionate hearts and caring hands that You provide in the FC Kidz environments! They are continuing the growth and strengthening the future of Your church. They see value in each person that You bring through Fellowship’s doors. They are difference makers illuminating a relationship with Jesus for children of all ages to learn about and engage in. We pray that our volunteers know how much they matter and the amazing, lasting impact they have on the future of Your church.

  • Pray for next steps. God, we ask that you open our hearts and make it clear as to how You want to use us for Your purposes. As we read in 1 Corinthians 3:9, “For we are both God’s workers. And you are God’s field. You are God’s building.” (NLT) Your good works are alive in us, Lord; show us how to use Your gifts for Your kingdom. Give us boldness to step out and serve in Your church. Give us encouragement to invite families to join the amazing work You are doing here at Fellowship. Thank you for making us a part of Fellowship Church during this season of growth and renewal so that we get to be difference makers. In Jesus’ precious name I pray, Amen.