Best Day of the Year (Social Media wise)

Back to School.PNG

There are too many mornings my mood changes upon a Social Media peek. It’s really why so many of us have gotten off these outlets. They saw their moods changing based upon daily posts. Sometimes we don’t even know why our mood changed. Other times, it’s clear.

  • One friend wants to make sure you know his or her opinions on the political climate today.

  • You wake up to a Facebook friend tagging you on a pic where you’re eyes are closed or on an opinion you don’t necessarily agree with.

  • All your friends went somewhere last night. You never knew they were getting together. Now you do. Thank you Instagram.

  • You’re having a terrible morning and want everyone to know it but won’t give details. People are concerned and then you go off Social Media without answering their concerned questions

I now see why my mood changed.

I really feel we all need to be tested before going on these Social Media outlets, like an IQ test of sorts. Questions on the test like:

  1. Will your opinion really sway others?

  2. Is doing your laundry important for all your followers to know.

  3. How long is too long to be on Social Media in a day?

I’m not even sure I know the answers and if I should be on Social Media!

Here’s the great news. Something changed yesterday. School started! I know that’s bad news for many of the children and mixed feelings for parents. But it’s GREAT news for Social Media because we got to see all the pics of children’s first day of school and personally, I love it. It’s positive, it’s real life and it’s great to see kids growing up. It cheered me up right away and made me want to ‘LIKE’ everyone’s pics (although time wise I missed many). SO thank you for sharing those pics. I mean it. I love it and I feel many of you do as well.

Now back to our regularly scheduled rants.