Living Proof Camp FAQ

Q: What forms/waivers need to be filled out?

A: The Following Forms need to be filled out (for both week and day attender). All Linked.

Living Proof Summer Camp Registration (Online Registration) (Paper Form)

Living Proof Summer Camp Liability Release Form

Brownstone Park Waiver (If Attending)

Flight Trampoline Park Waiver (If Attending)

Q: Does my student need to bring spending money?

A: Yes. Students will need to purchase their own lunch and/or dinners every day. See food breakdown below. Also, a student might want spending money for merch, arcade, extra bowling string or mini golf, movie snacks, etc…  

*You are welcome to request for our leaders to hold on to your students money for the week in order to responsibly steward their use of it.

Q: If my student does not sleep over when do they need to be picked up?

A: They can be picked up at any time after we return from our main event. However, when we return varies for each day. Refer to camp schedule (TBA). At the latest they must be picked up by 10:00PM and an adult must be notified when the student is picked up.

Q: How are Boys and Girls separated at night?

A: Boys will be sleeping in the Upper Campus Building. Girls will be sleeping in the Lower Campus Building.

Q: When can my student be dropped off for any day event?

A: Students can be dropped off preferably between 8:30AM and 9:30AM. Event departure times are at 10:00AM every day.

Q: What does my student need to bring if they are sleeping over?

A: Sleeping Bag, Pillow, Toiletries, Clothing, Towel, Air Mattress 

Q: How do I Pay?

A: (For payment please make checks out to “Fellowship Church” or you can pay online at and click on the “Give” button. Click “Living Proof Camp” for the designation. Or pay when you register your student online)

Q: My child is going into 6th grade this year, can they attend the camp?

A: The camp this year is only available for students going into 7th grade and up. Feel free to get in contact with us if you have any questions about your 6th grader attending.

Q: What exactly is the food situation?

A: Here is the breakdown. We also recommend bringing your own snacks. Students are welcome to bring their own bagged lunches which can be kept in a cooler for them.

(Menu is subject to change)

Breakfast: Only available to those who sleep over

• Provided Everyday = Cereal, Muffins, Bagels, Toast, Fruit, Juice, Donuts.


• Everyday = Students buy themselves lunch at venues and restaurants. 


• Monday = Pizza on Return from Brownstone  (Free)

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday = Students buy themselves dinner at venues and restaurants.

• Friday = Burgers & Hotdogs (Free)