Living Proof Camp FAQ

Q: What forms/waivers need to be filled out?

A: The Following Forms need to be filled out (for both week and day attender) and are linked

Q: Does my student need to bring spending money?

A: Yes. On certain days (Mon. Tues. Wed.) lunch is not provided. So students will need to purchase their lunch. Also, a student might want spending money if they want to purchase extra food, merch, extra trampoline time, batting cage tokens. etc... 

Q: If my student does not sleep over when do they need to be picked up?

A: They can be picked up at any time after we return from our main event. But, they must be picked up by 11:00PM and an adult must be notified when the student is picked up.

Q: How are Boys and Girls separated at night?

A: Boys will be sleeping at the church. Girls will be sleeping in Campus Housing.

Q: When can my student be dropped off for any day event?

A: Students can be dropped off anytime in the morning, preferably between 8:00AM and 9:45AM. All Main event departure times are at 10:00AM.

Q: What does my student need to bring if they are sleeping over?

A: Sleeping Bag, Pillow, Toiletries, Clothing, Towel, Air Mattress (Optional)

Q: Are the Evening Events free and what time can a student be dropped off at the evening events?

A: Yes the Evening Events are Free. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday we plan to return by 6PM. So we recommend drop off to be around 6:30PM. Thursday we plan to return around 8:30PM. Friday's Homecoming Party starts at 4:00PM!

Q: What exactly is the food situation?

A: Here is breakdown. We also recommend bringing your own snacks

(Menu is subject to change and addition items may be added)

Snacks: Fruit, Chips, Sandwiches

Breakfast: Only available to those who sleep over

  • Everyday = Bacon, Eggs, Cereal, Fruit


  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday = Students buy themselves lunch at the concession stands at event. 
  • Thursday = Sandwiches
  • Friday = Tacos with all the works


  • Monday & Thursday = Fast Food Stop on return ($5 Stipend Provided)
  • Tuesday = Pizza 
  • Wednesday & Friday = Burgers & Hotdogs