I'm Not Hurting Anyone!

Many years ago, I cheated on an exam. I copied off others and ended up "acing" the test. I was even called up and honored afterwards. It was completely uncomfortable. I thought I didn't hurt anyone but deep down I did. I didn't feel right about it at all. 

I do believe it can come to a point where it does feel right....and that is dangerous! When sin doesn't bother you, there's something deeper going on. When we are not digging deeper into our faith, things that are WRONG seem RIGHT. Our measuring stick is bent. We no longer are aware of the difference of appropriate and inappropriate behavior. We are IN the world and are going along with it in our decision making. We don't stick out, we fit in. Too easy. 

The challenge for all of us, who call ourselves Christians, is to "stick out".....in a good way. Going the extra mile for someone. Loving people differently. 

In order to really convince a friend or a family member that Jesus Christ has changed your life, they need to see evidence. Going along with everyone else tells them nothing. When someone is told that you're a Christian, there should not be a shock in their expression. If there is, there may be some work to do. EVERYTHING we do should point to HIM. When we fail in any realm, we unfairly discredit Jesus. It's not fair but if you, as a follower, continue to swear, get drunk, surf porn, engage in premarital sex, steal from your employer, or even lie, it clearly states to others that you do not really follow this Jesus or this Jesus doesn't have the power to really change you. 

Does your behavior match your savior? Is your lifestyle in agreement with Christ's expectations. If you say YES, would your co-workers, friends and family agree? 

Make HIM famous today. Do something today that clearly points to an amazing God who has saved you!