Life is Better Connected

I'm all about going to church on Sundays. Not because I now work at a church but because for the last 15 plus years of my life I've seen the benefits. 

Each Sunday, I've learned more and more about living a life that makes a difference. #differencemakers. Learning about Jesus Christ on Sundays has created in me an urge to love people more, to forgive people more and to help people more. It's not just about me anymore....well, sometimes it still is, but I'm working on that. Most of us are. 

In order for me to really be a difference maker, it takes an intentionality. It takes better use of my time. That has led to my choice to get together with other believers more than just on Sunday. It motivated me to sign up for my first Growth Group many years ago. These are small groups of people that meet once a week to learn more about their faith and get to know others on a similar journey. It's changed my life. I've learned more about Christ and have developed incredible, strong friendships.

We, here at FC, believe groups are vital. Andy Stanley (Pastor in Ga.) says "Circles are better than rows" and "Face to face is better than shoulder to shoulder". Yes, Sunday's at church are huge but being able to talk about what you're learning with others, is enormous! 

The thing is, we all can drift. We all can begin to doubt, question or even fall into a temptation. Without others around us who care, this can be detrimental to our faith. We need people to check on us. We need accountability. We need encouragement. We need others who can detect when we drift. "The drift begins within so we have to let someone in" Andy Stanley

Someone can see what you can't. If you want to grow in your relationship with Jesus Christ, you need to have intentional relationships with people who have the same goal. A Growth Group is the ideal place for this. We start these groups up the first week of October. I cannot recommend these enough! Ask around on Sunday to those who've been a part of a group. They'll tell you! It will change your life!