Quitting Facebook

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So many of you have left Facebook. You're tired of the political rants, the negativity, the strong opinions, and your friend who checks in no matter where they are (eating at McDonalds, drinking coffee at Starbucks, resting at home). Troy Aikman, former Dallas Cowboys quarterback, Super Bowl Champion, MVP, etc (I'm clearly a Cowboy fan) said that Social media is "a race to the bottom." It's clearly all about us. I've learned too late in life that the more we focus on ourselves, the less satisfied we feel. And the more we’re consumed with the things of this earth, the more we feel empty on the inside. Some sociologists point to technology and social media as significant factors in our constant unhappiness.

What was once a tool to use to get in touch with friends and family from far away has turned into a tool to actually lessen your influence, a tool to share opinions without a relationship and a tool to sometimes actually depress others. 

As seen in the last year or so, many people have gotten rid of Facebook. They're tired of waking up to mindless banter. They thought the best way to address this is to rid of it. But here's my challenge to you: Don't. Don't delete your Facebook account on account of other's Facebook usage. Change the game

What the world needs now, more than ever, is positivity, hope and love. This is possible on Social Media. I've had mornings where I saw great encouraging quotes, funny family pics or birthday or anniversary wishes that changed my day. As a Christian, I believe we can use this as a tool to share the hope we have in Christ but......we have to be careful here. I will never 'shove my faith down someone's throat.' Jesus, Himself, never pushed Himself on anyone. He loved them as they've never been loved before (He died for them!) and He constantly met them where they were. No sinner was too lost for Christ. Everyone He encountered left different. He never judged anyone to come to Him, He loved them enough for them to want to come to Him. We should follow that example. 

So that's my challenge, post on Social Media through the eyes of Christ.

Would He like what you're posting? Is your post pushing people to Him or away? Is your life outside of Facebook one that would draw someone to read your posts? 

Rick Warren said, "If the whole world needs Jesus, then you must share the Good News. To keep it a secret would be criminal. If you knew the cure for Alzheimer’s or AIDS or cancer and you didn’t share it, that would be criminal. But we have something even better than a cure for disease. We know the cure for the human heart and the deepest needs of mankind. They need a Savior. They need forgiveness. They need their past forgiven, a purpose for living, and a home in Heaven. We cannot hold it back. We have to share it."