I've Been Meaning To Call Them

This has been a crazy season for a lot of people. So many have lost loved ones. Broken hearts. Many questions of "why?" 

Some of the lost loved ones happened to be only in their 40's....much too young to die. It had my children wondering if our time (my wife and I) was near. I had to assure them that this (dying in your 40's ) is not normal. 

One of my best friends lost his wife at the age of 43 last week. In my many conversations with those who knew her I would often hear, "Oh, I was meaning to reach out to her." It's understandable because we all do it. Our intentions are usually pretty good. We just always seem to feel as though there will be plenty of time to reach out. Clearly, this is not always the case. 

After every funeral we tend to leave with this intentionality to be a better friend or a better family member. We see the clarity of the brevity of life so we know that we have to be different. But then, a few weeks go by and life goes on. We fall back into our busy lives and our same normal patterns. Then another death comes with a new intentionality to be better. Repeat. Repeat. What's the definition of insanity again?

I want to be different. I know most of you do as well. I want to go beyond the call. I want to be the person who shows up. The one who gets it. The one who loves like Christ taught us to love. Like this.

Nobody knows what tomorrow brings but you are ridiculously in control of today. You have the power to reach out to loved ones. You have the power to love differently. It can start right after reading this. Reach out to someone today!