You're Invited (again)

Easter in right around the corner. I have a list of great people (some of you are nice enough to read this) that I would love to join me at Fellowship Church for this weekend's Easter services. But I also have a list of great people that I want to continue to be friends with. 

It's always been difficult for me to invite my friends to church. In my head, I feel as though they're looking at me like I'm selling a time share or the newest pyramid scheme (or scam, depending on who you ask). Everyone is used to agenda. Now that I work at my church I still do not get a bonus for the number of people I invite to our church. My agenda sincerely is HOPE. This world is crazy! Honestly, look around. All of us are on a treadmill that has no OFF button. We are non stop. Stressed, anxious, and worried everyday and there's no light at the end of the fact, that may be a train. Where does it all end and how? 

I found a light at the end. I found hope. I found Jesus Christ (although He wasn't lost) He has completely changed my life. That may sound crazy to you (I get it, I thought all Christians were absolutely nuts once upon a time). 

So here's my invite to all of you. I would absolutely love to see you this weekend.