Truly Listening To God

Deb and Vicki.JPG

I don't know what I think. I'm certainly more proud than anyone could ever explain. But I'm also scared, very much so.....she's my wife, my best friend, my rock. She's the peanut butter to my jelly, the milk with my chocolate chip cookies, and the bread of my sandwich. 

Here's the story: Back in August Vicki and I learned of a dear friend (Deb Howley) who is in need of a kidney. Right away, I (being the super Christian I claim to be) pray for her. But my wife, clearly the more super Christian, begins a process that I know nothing about. She is actually considering donating her kidney! In the next week, Vicki begins praying about this. We go on a vacation where Vicki proceeds to tell me that she is considering donating her kidney. My daughter Sadie overhears and immediately says "No!". That weekend Vicki and I go to our friends Connor and Katy's wedding. Here Vicki meets this wonderful lady named Vanessa who said "I saw you from afar and somehow knew I wanted to meet you". She said Vicki had this glow about her. It turns out she (Vanessa) is seated right next to Vicki for dinner. They hit it off and talk as if they knew each other forever. Then this woman proceeds to tell Vicki that she would not be here (the wedding) had the bride's mom not donated a kidney to her. Of all the people to sit next to my wife! Vicki feels more inspired than ever. She arrives at church the next morning and who is the first person she sees? Deb! On this particular Sunday I have the privilege to speak (I do this once every 6-8 weeks). It's in this message that I ask: What is God telling you to do today that you need to do? She clearly sees God telling her that she should do this. The reason she knows it's God and not me is because I wouldn't tell her to do this! At this time, I was still not quite onboard. So for God to use my words to reassure Vicki to do this goes way beyond anything I could've imagined. 

I am now completely at ease with this whole thing. I love Deb. If anyone deserves a blessing, it's her. She is an amazing God-loving woman who would do anything for anyone. She loves Jesus and it shows. God has orchestrated some crazy stuff in these last 6-7 months. In looking back, I don't think I took this too seriously. I knew they both would have to go through a lot of hoops (and they did!) to even start the process, but I had no idea they would be a match. But it is a match and it is happening. To God be the glory. 

So here's my point. Listen to God. If you follow Him (like my wife does) He may just have you doing something you never thought you would. Here's the other thing: Although this story is great, my wife would want all of you to know that it's all God. God orchestrated this whole thing. Satan intervened quite a bit but God always controlled the process. My wife would want anyone reading this to know that this is all about Him. Despite the fact that my wife is by far the most amazing person I know, she wouldn't do this without His promptings. There could be no other explanation. She truly wants all the glory to go to Him. 

Today's the day. We don't know where this whole thing will end up but we do know Who is in control and for now, that will get us through.