Is Church Really That Important?

Unhappy with church.JPG

Do you feel a pull to go to church but for some reason you don't go? 

I've written about this before but attending church weekly is becoming less and less of a thing. There's plenty of reasons. Most are pretty common. I've heard them all. Here's a response to some of them that I hope resonates with you. 

You've been hurt from previous church experiences - I'm sure everyone of you reading this have some great stories to share about previous church experiences! In fact, if you have the time and want to share some, email me here. I'm always amazed by these stories but have come to the conclusion that it's gonna happen. The church (every church) is full of imperfect people. Sadly, becoming a Christian doesn't always take away the 'crazy'. My biggest concern here would always be you taking out on God what a human did to you. Christ died for the church. (Ephesians 5:25) Clearly, He wants us to be here.

Your children are involved in recreational activities (sports/scouts) - I get this. You want your children involved. It's good for them. For me, sports changed my life. The friendships and thrill of competing are so memorable. They never used to have these all of these events on Sundays.  Everything today competes with church. For me, (I know, I now work at a church so my take is a bit personal) I want to communicate to my children the importance of God in our lives by making Sunday attendance high on my priority list. 

It's the only day you can sleep in - go to bed earlier. Ok, that's harsh. But for some of us that is all it takes. I have some friends who come here to FC following a 3rd shift job. They're exhausted but they're still here. Church for most, including FC, is one hour long. 

You work on Sundays - quit your job....ok, don't do that. There are some employers that, if asked, would actually allow you to change your schedule so you can attend church.....some. My answer here is to watch online and, more importantly, get involved in a small group....we call them Growth Groups. It is so important to get together with other people who are on similar journeys. 

You watch it church online - Isolation is dangerous. We are all called to do life together. We is better than me. Sure, we love when people watch Sunday's message online but you could never put a price tag on relationships. There are many people here in my church who have mentored me, guided me and helped me along the way that I would've never met watching church online.

Your kids don't like it so you don't go - My kids don't like vegetables, going to sleep at night, waking up early in the morning or, at times, going to school but guess what they do? If we allowed our kids to make the decisions around the house, we'd be eating candy for breakfast, McDonalds for lunch and ice cream for dinner. Until they move out, we, as parents, are still in charge. That being said, we do not want to force them to go to a church that is not investing in them or providing ways for them to learn about God on their level.  

We live in a country that gets to worship in community. We get to go to any church on any given Sunday. There is no persecution here. This is our freedom. So many countries can't do this. In fact, in some countries you will be killed. 

If you do not attend a local church, I would encourage you today to shop around for one. There are some great ones out there. If you're close by come check us out here at Fellowship Church. We'd love to have you. Imperfect? That's perfect for us. Come as you are.